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Fear, the Saint Rose mascot

Cybersecurity 101, Part 6: How to defend against hackers

  In Part 6, our cybersecurity experts provide insightful tips on how to keep ourselves savvy and safe. They tell us how to make ourselves an uninviting target for hackers and thieves, and advise us on how to deal with and recover from a hacking attack, identity-theft incident, or ransomware attack. The cybersecurity experts Dr. Zumrut Akcam, assistant professor of computer…

Sarah Uzzi G'21

Choosing the Right Graduate School: My Story, Part 2

Making the decision to go to graduate school is exciting. It can also be overwhelming and nerve-racking. Saint Rose graduate student Sarah Uzzi G’21 shares tips and insights from her personal experience. If you missed it, catch up with Part 1 of Sarah’s journey. As I discovered during my journey to graduate school, the application process involves a large commitment…

Kiara Alicea at October Fest in Munich, Germany

Saint Rose Studies Abroad: Florence, Italy Edition

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting and alluring opportunities a Saint Rose student can experience. For the next several weeks, we’ll profile many students who studied abroad and learn about their different experiences. Maybe, it will spark your interest. Maybe, you don’t know if studying abroad is right for you. Either way, we encourage you to reach out…

The back lawn of the giant dorm hall Centennial Hall

Four facts about living on campus

If you have never lived on a college campus before (that’s probably everyone reading this post) then you might be wondering what to expect and how to prepare for this change. At The College of Saint Rose, first- and second-year students are required to live on campus unless they live within a 40-mile driving distance from the College. Even after…

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How to make your grad school recommendation letters tell the story you want

It’s easy to think of recommendation letters as just more annoying documents that admissions counselors require – hurdles that you have to jump to apply to grad school. But they’re a crucial part of the story you’re telling to convince the school that you belong there. They can be powerful testimonials to your character, abilities, and potential that showcase your…