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handcuffs and finger prints

What it really means to be a forensic psychology major in college

Let’s face it — if you’ve ever binge-watched Criminal Minds or Law and Order, then you probably have thought about becoming a forensic psychologist. Maybe you were compelled by the criminal profiler’s impeccable ability to trap serial killers in a matter of minutes. Perhaps you wanted to be present solving murder mysteries with a magnifying glass in hand. Or maybe…

Joan Horgan, Saint Rose director of spiritual life

Reach out from wherever you are: Reimagining a 25-year Saint Rose tradition

For the first time in 25 years, there is no Reach Out Saint Rose. I have had the unbelievable gift of being part of all 25 of the past Reach Out Saint Rose events, and I am finding it more difficult than I expected to not have this wonderful campus event as part of our plans this fall. Originally slated…

Tents, Extended Dining Hours, and Key Cards Needed: What to Expect When You Return to Campus

Few of us think about global pandemics until we absolutely have to. Gary Goss is not among them. As the College’s associate vice president of facilities operations, projects and services, he lives in a world of “what ifs.” Snow emergencies, fires, power outages, all are on his mind; even worldwide health emergencies. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the College…

Pedro with his family

Advice for Sending your Student to College: Resist the Urge to Help

  Fellow parents and families, I wanted to share with you a few heartfelt thoughts of encouragement as your students begin their journeys at Saint Rose. My wife and I are Saint Rose parents. Two years ago, at this time of year, we saw our firstborn son Marcos begin his own Saint Rose journey. As we watched him walk through…

Saint Rose Communications Grad Jackson Murphy ’20 on Lights, Cameras, and College

  By the time he arrived at Saint Rose as a first-year student, Jackson Murphy had won a New York Emmy for his film commentary, appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” twice, and considered Roger Ebert and Regis Philbin his idols. The Rensselaer County native got his start at age seven, providing reviews for Radio Disney. He kept…