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student biting pencil while looking at computer

How (Not) to Manage Stress Under COVID-19

by Patricia Weldon, MSW, Ph.D., assistant professor of social work Under “normal” (pre-COVID-19) circumstances, now would be a stressful time for most students – taking leave of one’s classmates, moving off campus, getting ready for summer jobs. This time around, we’re having to deal with a lot more than usual: missing our friends, not going through the normal end-of-year process…

adult with young learner

Keeping Kids Learning, and Occupied, During COVID-19

by Sarah Uzzi, G’21, school psychology Among the many changes that the pandemic has brought into our lives, some people have spent the last several weeks facing the challenge of teaching their children or younger siblings. Even with classroom teachers providing lots of content, guidelines, and virtual meetings and office hours, the task of helping our children learn can feel…

lookalike of The Child's Bath by Mary Cassatt

Art History Students Take ‘Getty Challenge’ and Recreate Famous Works of Art at Home

Students in Professor Theresa Flanigan’s Introduction to Art History and Visual Literacy and Architecture of the American City courses took the Getty Museum Challenge to recreate works of art or architecture that they had studied in class using objects found in their quarantine environments. Students further demonstrated their knowledge of the elements of art and art history by describing how…

Bianca Arellano and Tyana Diaz

Using their Superpower, Saint Rose Students Help Translate During Pandemic

During a national crisis, linguistically isolated communities are often overlooked in communication, leading them to miss out on critical information. Two Saint Rose students are helping to bridge this gap during the global pandemic, offering their translation services to the California Lawyers Association.  Bianca Arellano, ‘20, and Tyana Diaz, ‘22, both communications majors, are applying the skills they’ve developed in…

Emily Nicholson G'20

Be COVID-19 Career Ready: Tips from the Saint Rose Career Center

During these uncertain times, many industries are experiencing workforce interruptions. However, now is a great time for you to spend extra attention on improving your employment prospects and career skills — with help from the Saint Rose Career Center! Here are five action steps to ensure you are career-ready: 1. Update your resume. Add new experiences to your resume, such…