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Corey Live-Blogs The Election Results

So as I write this, Obama is down 153-123 after a large influx of state’s results has just come in to the ABCNews live electoral college map, including a Democratic New York. seemingly a large difference, but considering all the states whose results haven’t been decided yet, it could still go either way. At 9:20, Pennsylvania has come in with 20 more votes for Obama. New Hampshire is the only state left to be decided in New England oh- wait, there it goes to Obama, New England is fully Obama. Now at 10, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah have all voted Romney, adding 12 more electoral votes. Now Obama has pulled ahead 173-163 with New Mexico and Wisconsin, then Romney strikes back with Arizona’s 11.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama (Photo courtesy of

Obama has pulled a reversal from earlier, rocketing up from Washington, Hawaii, and the most populous state, California, with 12, 4 and 55, respectively, and now Oregon, while Romney has gained South Carolina and Idaho.

This race is one of the closest this country has ever had, and we may have a huge shift in leadership on our hands in the next few hours. My house, Golub, over here is pretty much split down the middle over who they want to win. Several of us actually wanted a third party candidate to win. We even went over what opinions we had on the some of the different issues that dominated this election: the death penalty, abortion, welfare, illegal immigrants, and LGBT rights.

There are only seven states left, and Ohio, Virginia, and Florida are battling so closely, and with their populations, they could hold the election in their hands. Iowa is leaning has won for Obama, Colorado is leaning to Obama, Alaska is surely republican, and Nevada is strong Romney. Tensions here are hovering high, everyone refreshing the results.

Polls from other big countries including France, Spain, and the UK, show a large favour of Obama. Pakistan is the only country in the poll that has a Romney majority. As I look through my news feed on Facebook, I see that people are either really anxious to see who’s the winner or they just can’t wait for it all to be over.

And checking the Huffington Post, it’s over. Obama has been reelected, with Ohio, Florida, and Colorado under his belt, pushing him above the majority 270 mark, while Nevada’s and Alaska’s votes remain to be seen.

Obama is the winner. (Courtesy of

In my final notes, I’d like to say that if you chose one of these two major candidates because they were the “lesser of two evils”, you, and many other United States citizens, need to step back and check out some third-party candidates. A “red and blue” thought process is what got us into this situation in the first place. If you want a change, think about the third-party candidates next time.

Third-Party Candidates, Rocky Anderson, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Virgil Goode (Courtesy of

DFTBA and if it wasn’t your candidate selected project your frustration to do something constructive and/or positive, like your school work or community service. Tell me what you thought of the election in the comments below, but please be respectful.

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