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Don’t Get Lost in the Election “Mumbo-Jumbo”

Hi Everyone-

It’s been a while since I’ve posted for the blog, so I figured I would get back to it with a topic that is extremely important to me and I feel should be important to you as well. In November, we will be voting for president of the United States of America. We will be voting for the person WE feel can lead our country in the right direction and help solve our problems that we face as a nation. It is part of our rights as American Citizens to head to the polls and elect officials that we feel can get the job done. However, year after year, it seems as though the percentage of voters in their teens and twenties is significantly lower than the rest of the population. One could concoct several reasons for this; younger folks aren’t politically versed, they don’t care, they aren’t home at the time of the election to vote. Well, there are some solutions to these conundrums!

“I’m not Politically Versed. What are they even talking about?”

Find yourself saying this? Most people do! It’s okay! Pick up a newspaper or turn on the news and you can instantly find out the issues and the hot topics surrounding each candidate. If you google the presidential candidates, you can find out more about their views and plans to help our country. Essentially, it takes a little bit of motivation and drive, but it will help you make a more educated decision. Remember, you don’t need to be a CNN Commentator or a New York Times Reporter and have the answers to everything and know everything about everyone.

Here’s a funny interpretation that Saturday Night Live (SNL) did this past weekend about voting. Undecided Voters!    Video from NBC/Universal.

“I don’t really care about it. It’s not like my vote will count!”

FALSE! Every vote counts. Even in a state as large as New York, your vote is counted in the millions casted each election day! Being aware of what’s going on in the country is important! You should care because decisions made by these elected officials can DEFINITELY effect you. Jobs, finances, housing, healthcare, and automobiles. These are all hot topics that are discussed and changes can have a direct effect on YOU, the voter. It’s important to care!

 “I’m not home and I can’t get home to vote. It’s not worth it!”

All 50 states have procedures for those who are not in their hometown on election day! You simply apply for an absentee ballot. This is a form that you fill out and mail to your local board of elections stating you are not going to be home for the election and would like a ballot mailed to your current location. Because each state and county have different procedures, you need to inquire about applying via your local board of elections. Each state/county should have information on their website about applying for absentee ballots. Print their form and mail it to the address provided!  Below are some links that could help you. Select your state and apply for your absentee ballot today!!

State of New York:   New York State- Absentee Voting

State of Connecticut: Connecticut- Absentee Voting

State of Vermont: Vermont- Absentee Voting

State of New Jersey: New Jersey- Absentee Voting

Commonwealth of Massachusetts:  Massachusetts- Absentee Voting

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania- Absentee Voting

What do you think?

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