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Traditions are a great thing and part of life at Saint Rose. They are something that allow for generations of students to share in activities, create memories, and be part of a legacy left behind many years ago. At Saint Rose we have a handful of traditions that have made it through the long lines of students since we became a college in 1920 and a few that are newer to the game.

This past week we held MidKnight Madness on campus which serves as a pep rally and kick off to our basketball season. This was my fourth and last time attending the event that boosts some of the highest attendance on campus. At this event you have freshmen and seniors alike intermingled in the gym cheering on dance offs and free-throw contests that make fifth graders look like Lebron. As everything was playing out on the court I found myself thinking about how this was the last time I would experience this Saint Rose tradition.

I started to reflect on how my friends have changed, how I’ve changed, and how I have no idea what next year will bring.

Thankfully, the beauty behind traditions is that although I will not be here next year the same energy will be. Things like MidKnight Madness never belonged to one individual like myself, instead they belong to the entire student body- past, present, and future. As this year rolls on, despite my want to linger a little bit longer, this is something that I struggle to accept. Simply, our time here is fleeting. Just like the first class to experience a tradition we too must graduate and make room for the next group of students.

It is not time for the class of 2015 to move on just yet so until then I will continue to soak in my last Saint Rose events and look to create some of my own traditions to leave in my wake. The most tried and true advice to “live in the moment” has never felt so applicable to my apprehensive senior life.


Move In Day, another Saint Rose tradition.

Move In Day, another Saint Rose tradition.

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