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How Students Can Protect Themselves from Flu and Other Illness

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Cold and flu season is here. Good hand washing is key to getting ahead of ailments. The campus community is encouraged to use the hand sanitizer available across campus. Here is some additional information from Saint Rose Health Services:

What is the biggest health concern this winter?

The main concern during the winter is always the flu. Although there has been at least one case confirmed already (in September), it’s too early to know which strain will be most active or how effective the vaccine will be. That said, everyone is strongly encouraged to get the vaccine unless they have a medical reason that prevents them.

Students can get a flu vaccination at their family doctor or at any nearby pharmacy, such as the CVS on Madison Avenue located just steps from campus.

How do you keep students up to date on the different viruses and how to prevent them?

Health Services provides medical care and counseling to registered students; part of the student visit includes prevention education. Health Services offers flu information annually through the Office of Student Affairs, and we work with the Pandemic Planning Committee to create strategies to deal with any illness that could have significant impact on the campus community.

As students become busy with schoolwork and exams, what’s the best way to treat an illness?

Good sleep, healthy diet, and lots of water. Students are encouraged to have a thermometer and to come to Health Services if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher or visit an urgent care office when the clinic is closed.

What’s the worst way to respond? Will faculty members understand if you need an extension on a paper or exam?

Health Services only excludes a student from class when they are suspected of having the flu and have a fever. Other than that, students are encouraged to be in touch with their professors whenever they are sick. The worst way to respond is to expect an antibiotic. Antibiotics do not help with any viral illness. Also, not doing any of the recommended items such as getting good sleep, healthy diet, etc.

At the start of a cold or the flu, what’s the most effective home remedy?

Viral illness will generally run its course. If you feel better taking over-the-counter cold relief medication, then you can do that. Tea with honey is certainly something that may help and not make anything worse. Just pushing fluids and getting rest also goes a long way.

When a student feels under the weather, when is it time to get help?

It is time to get help if there’s a fever (temperature of 100 degrees or higher), uncontrollable vomiting, or symptoms that last more than five to seven days or seem to be getting worse. Students who have asthma should seek medical evaluation if they don’t have an inhaler or feel their asthma is getting worse (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing). Health Services is a walk-in clinic, and students can be seen between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To Reach Health Services:

Clinic: 190 Partridge Street, Albany

Phone: 518.454.5244


Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (no appointment necessary)

Or find Saint Rose Health Services on the web.


– By Ridina Shakya G’19








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