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6 Questions to Ask While Visiting a College Campus

You've been accepted into college. Congratulations! But you’re probably wondering what’s next. Scheduling a visit is a great way to get to know where you’ll spend at least the next four years of your life. At ...
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Meme that says "The Face I Make When I Submit My FAFSA"

Why You Should Fill Out the FAFSA Today

No matter what income background you come from, you should always file the FAFSA. It may seem as frustrating as the new changes to Snapchat, but it is worth your time. Here are four ...
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Students unpacking a car at Saint Rose on move-in day in Fall 2017.

Five Ways to Feel More Prepared for College

Feeling prepared for college isn’t just about having the right size sheets for your dorm-room bed. Emotional and mental readiness is what will really help you sleep at night. The College of Saint Rose ...
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Good to know: Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary Turns 20

Twenty years of kindess On his second day at Saint Rose, Sean Butler was lonely. It was a Sunday, and quiet. He walked around campus and, eventually, he heard singing coming from a small ...
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Good to know: Saint Rose improv troupe unpacks crate of surprises

A man goes to his doctor and is dismayed to learn he has a bad case of Bert and Ernie. “Oh no,” he replies. “My Grandpa had that!” “Remember,” his doctor notes, “I am beautiful ...
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