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Radically Adventurous- Meet Resident Assistant MacKenzie Mitchell

Name and Location: MacKenzie Mitchell – Carey Hall

Hometown: Greenwich, NY

Catching some rays out on the water! Meet MacKenzie!

Catching some rays out on the water! Meet MacKenzie!


Reason for becoming an RA: I became an RA because I wanted to shape and be a part of as many people’s times here on campus as possible. I want to help students get involved by joining clubs, going to programs, and more. Being an RA gives a person a unique opportunity to truly help and be there for others and that is why I wanted to become an RA.

Favorite thing about the job: My favorite thing about being an RA is doing programs. They give me a chance to get to know my residents better, teach about various parts of life, and have fun! They allow me to be creative and I can help others at the same time!

Most memorable RA moment: My most memorable moment has been the first day of training. I was terrified about what it would be like, if I could handle the job, but most importantly if I would be able to fit in with the other RAs. Once I got there, though, everyone was incredibly welcoming and positive not only about my abilities, but in reassuring me about my concerns.

What people should know about RAs: People should know that we truly love our job. We would not have applied or stayed in this job if we did not love it and have a strong desire to do it. Don’t be afraid to ask us what we think of the job, or why we chose it. The answers may vary between us, but one idea that will be seen with all of us is that we are passionate about it and couldn’t ask for anything better.

Favorite class at Saint Rose: My favorite class so far is Language Disorders in Children, which I am taking this semester. It is a challenging course, but the content material is utterly fascinating. This class makes me positive that I made the right choice for my career and life.

MacKenzie volunteered at Reach Out Saint Rose this fall!

MacKenzie volunteered at Reach Out Saint Rose this fall!

Goals after graduation: My goal after graduation is to work either in a hospital or school as a speech language pathologist and have a successful career.

I also want to travel as much as possible because the world is such an interesting place that needs to be explored to its fullest extent.

Favorite Albany hangout: My favorite place in Albany is Ruby’s Asian Bistro. I love the food and it’s a great place to go that’s very close to campus to get your mind off of the stress of class.

Favorite late night snack: My favorite late night snack is popcorn. It is simply delicious and great with a movie on Friday night to relax!

Random fun fact: I love to sing no matter where I am. It’s a great stress reliever for me!

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