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Radically Adventurous- Megan Loussedes

With friends

With friends outside of Saint Rose

Your Name and Location: Megan Loussedes- Centennial Hall

Year and Major: Grad – Curriculum and Instruction

Home town: Clinton Corners, NY

Reason for becoming an RA: I wanted to become more of a leader on campus and also I enjoy the creative aspects of the job. Everything from bulletin boards, door tags, and problem solving.

Favorite thing about the job: I love making friendships with so many amazing people on staff.

Most Memorable RA moment: The time when my roof fell off my first year as an RA. The gutter filled with water that froze and tore part of the roof down with it. It was one of those moments that no one could prepare you for and you just need to laugh about it after.

What people should know about RAs: That we don’t wake up in the morning thinking about who we can get in trouble. That is not a part of the job we enjoy.

Favorite Albany Hangout: I just went to Thatcher park for the first time recently and loved it! It is beautiful and peaceful!

With RA Staff

Down time with the RA Staff during summer training

Favorite Late Night Snack: Brownies! They are just so yummy and chocolaty!

Goal after Saint Rose: I would like to find a teaching job in the Capital District area. I would love to have my own inclusive classroom!

Random “Fun” Fact: I volunteered in a haunted house for 10 years. I did everything from makeup, to acting, to leading groups through the haunted house!

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