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Who doesn’t love some Ruby?

No, not the gemstone (although that’s quite nice). I’m talking about Ruby Asian Bistro, the sushi restaurant right next to The College of Saint Rose campus! This quaint little restaurant has been open for as long as I’ve been a student here – three years. My first two years at Saint Rose was only filled with once-in-a-while visits. However, this past year, I can say that I’ve gotten sushi from Ruby about once a week. That’s right, everyone, I’m a regular customer! I usually frequent it with my friends (including blogger Lauren Russo, who is absolutely obsessed with Ruby) and when my parents visit. However, sometimes I don’t want to cook or go over to the dining hall (which is delicious in its own right, but it’s not sushi), so I order in and have it delivered right to my dorm!

An example of some of their delicious sushi – California roll, Spicy Crunch Shrimp, and Salmon Avocado! 🙂 Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Other than delicious sushi, what else does this restaurant have to offer? Well, along with Japanese cuisine, it also carries Chinese and Thai cuisine. They also have delicious soups and salads, smoothies and bubble teas, and different types of fried rice (including pineapple fried rice, which is served in a pineapple!). I always enjoy the Sesame Chicken Bento Box (which comes with California Roll, Rice, and Spring Rolls) and the Mango Thai Chicken Bento Box. Their prices are perfect for college students on a fixed income! I usually go for the lunch specials; if I get a bento box, it’s enough for 2 meals! Sushi, on the other hand, doesn’t get left over; that goes right into my tummy! 🙂

Taken from the Ruby Website:

I know there are a lot of people who enjoy Ruby and who recommend it highly. It’s a great restaurant filled with friendly people and great food! What are your thoughts on Ruby? Let me know in the comments fun experiences you’ve had!

A picture of the ADORABLE cups that are used for smoothies and bubble teas! I love getting these whenever I go to Ruby! 

Happy eating!


My friends Kaylee and Lauren enjoying Ruby! Yay!

  2 comments for “RUBY

  1. russol215
    February 4, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Genevieve! I love Ruby SO MUCH! She wasn’t kidding- I literally go to this place once a week, and it’s great for when I’m feeling too lazy to cook (as I live in Centennial Hall and do not have a meal plan). I love it! and Kevin is awesome!

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