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Tambourelli & Her SuperTrip to Albany!

Friday, January 16, a new band came from upstate to join the Albany music scene.  Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips: a great, creative name for a very fun and wonderful group of people!  There’s Corey Bennett, the ex-metalhead on lead guitar who’s been a musician his whole life, playing in many different bands.  Then you’ve got the flurry of motion hitting the drums that pulls your attention to the back of the stage, Riley Vandewater.  The last SuperTrip is Kyle Rodd, the man bouncing back and forth between bass and acoustic guitar.  Finally, we have the entirely unique vocal styles of Jacquie Ginac, better known on the mic as Tambourelli!!!

They were playing The Low Beat with Frank McLaughlin and Stranger at Home that night.  It was a smaller space than I had imagined knowing other venues they’ve played, like Fuze Box, with Good Fiction and The LateShift, the Hudson River Music Hall, with Monte Cristo Snowman, another band featuring Riley, and the Halestock Festival, with The Basic Brothers and others, in Granville, NY.  In addition to playing traditional venues this group has a passion for busking, or street performances.  They love the vibe of putting on a show out in the open for the public to hear!  They’re even planning a whole busking tour this fall!

The group began as a duo with Kyle and Jacquie just jamming together and finding a sound.  Back then they were Dr. Rodd & The Nurses.  Jacquie then “discovered Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips from her dome!” as Kyle puts it, and both Kyle and Jacquie were good friends with Corey.  They knew he was an amazing guitarist, so they asked him to join the group.  These first three members recorded a three song demo together; Kyle did the producing, including the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) drums.  The track “Little Miss Mouse” even made it to the airwaves via 102.7 WEQX!  They played a few shows with the drum tracks from the demo, then later they met up with Riley and found that their sound was enhanced by having a live drummer.  That night at The Low Beat was their first show performing with him!

Now this SuperTroupe is working on recording an EP due sometime in the near future.  It will feature redone versions of the songs on the demo, plus a few others that the group has only performed live.  I look forward to all the future musical endeavors of Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips!!!

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