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….AKA “How much I have changed since coming to Saint Rose”

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for a throwback. This also going to be my last post for awhile (the whole summer break thing), and I think it’s a perfect time to reflect. This is a special kind of throwback. It’s more than “look how cute I was a kid” or “see how big my cat has gotten,” this is going to be more “look at how much Saint Rose has changed me,” and it’s a lot.

Let’s point out the obvious things first:

  • No duct tape bracelet
  • No backwards baseball cap
  • No oversized neon orange t-shirt
  • A lot less hair

Now those are all outward appearance things, but they are still important. I actually feel good about myself, and have more self-confidence than I have had probably since fifth grade. As a teenage girl in the 21st century,  being self-confident and proud of your looks can be a hard thing to accomplish, but I here I am.

Less obvious things:

  • Happier
  • More outgoing
  • Confident
  • Happier
  • Much, much happier

I wasn’t completely sad before coming to Saint Rose, but I had had my struggle with depression that still lingered, and I do have my struggles with anxiety. However, after being here at Saint Rose for a year I can gladly say that I am the happiest I have been in quite a long time. While this could be a result of many things: getting out of high school, leaving home, not seeing my parents every day (love you guys), I’m positive Saint Rose also played a major role.  At Saint Rose I have found some fantastic, amazing, friends, I have joined clubs and organizations, and I finally feel like I belong (this sounds really sappy but I promise it’s all true).

All throughout high school, my friends and I referred to ourselves as “the island of misfit toys,” given that none of us really felt like we belonged in our small school (I graduated with about 100 students). Here at Saint Rose, I no longer feel like a misfit, because I have found a sense of community, found a place where I feel like I belong, and where I feel welcomed.

It’s probably this increased happiness and belonging that lead me to be more outgoing, and more confident in everything I do, and I have The College of Saint Rose to thank for that.

Saint Rose has made me a better person, a happier person, a kinder person, more giving, more passionate, and more confident. Saint Rose has allowed me to become closer to the person I want to be, and thank you for that.

“It’s a life’s journey of finding ourselves, finding our power, and living for yourself, not for everyone else.” ~ Mariska Hargitay

See you in the Fall,
Anne Marie

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