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The Perks of Finals Week

Everyone knows that there is a lot of pressure and stress associated with finals week but I would also like to point out my top three perks that come along with it as well.

  1. Study Breakfast– Every semester to kick off finals week Saint Rose hosts a study breakfast at night to give students a chance to relax. The best part of the night is the fact that the faculty and staff of the college serve the food- including President Szczerbacki. I mean when else can I get served a pancake by the president?
  2. Stress Free Zone– This, like Study Breakfast, is an event that gets put on once a semester right when finals season rolls around to offer students a chance to forget about finals and enjoy the simple things in life. These simple things include therapy animals to pet, a smoothie bar, stress balls, coloring, and free ice cream! It is always nice to have things like this to do but it is even nicer when they are free.
  3. Having an Excuse– I am all for a reason to just do nothing and finals week is a perfect excuse to let yourself have some me time. Yes, there is studying to be done but think of all the study you have already done that you need to be rewarded for. It is by this logic that I allow myself to just chill, sleep a lot, watch some TV, and not care what I have to do- because after all I have an excuse for some much needed relaxation time.

The way that I see it is that as long as the work you need to get done is accomplished before deadline there is no shame in enjoying the perks that come along with finals week… So bring on the puppies and ice cream.

My friend Britt enjoying a free smoothie sample.

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