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The Post Grad Feels.

I graduated from The College of Saint Rose this past May; I guess this would be around the halfway point between the end of the spring semester and beginning of fall semester. I still can’t wrap my head around not going back to campus in August to help the freshmen move in during the Week of Welcome program. The first week of the school year was a huge part of my past three years while at Saint Rose because I was a Week of Welcome Leader. I was heavily involved with helping the freshmen feel comfortable at school, and also had the chance work with and meet new people. More information on Week of Welcome or how to become involved can be found here .

After Graduation reception with Latisha  Barnett. Photo Credit: The College of Saint Rose

Myself with Latisha Barnett at the reception after graduation. Photo Credit: The College of Saint Rose

Looking back at recently graduating, there are a few things I’ve discovered and realized about post-grad life that I tried to ignore for as long as possible. The first thing that I realized is that the loan monster is real. I’m currently in the process of applying for grad school to hopefully pursue my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications or Advertising. This being said, I not only have to find a way to fund my graduate studies but also consider the previous loans that I’ve already accumulated. I’ve come across numerous articles on information and tips on how to approach paying for grad school such as this US News article.

The second (arguably sad) realization that I made was that a lot of friends I made in college just fall through the cracks after graduation. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that friendships are a two-way street and revolve largely around communication. It’s just disheartening that sometimes graduation is the ending of friendships. I hate that this is a post-grad cliché and want to stay in contact with all of the amazing people that I met while at Saint Rose. I’m that obnoxious person blowing up people’s Snapchat feeds because I truly want to stay connected to people. If I could give once piece of advice for the class of 2015, keep in touch. The friends you meet in college can be lifelong friends and future contacts in the professional career.

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