What the Heck is an Online Ambassador?!

As you all should know by now, I’m an Online Ambassador for The College of Saint Rose! But how did I even get that job? Students are often times granted something in their Financial Aid package called a “Work-Study” job. You can find more information about that HERE. From a student standpoint, a work-study job is a great way of networking and getting involved on campus while also getting paid! It’s a form of financial aid where the money can either go in your pocket or go right towards your tuition! Work-study jobs can be found all over campus: from the Fitness Center, to the Student Affairs Office, even the Admissions office!

So back to my original question: What the heck is an Online Ambassador. Well, for my work study job, I work a little for the Public Relations office, and the Admissions office. Blogging is my main job (hopefully you all have been enjoying reading them!) but I also have done a lot of other things! I was a movie star a few weeks ago in the video “You Know You’re a Saint Rose Golden Knight…” and I have my very own Saint Rose Twitter account! (Follow Me!), other days I’m a “professional” photographer for the Saint Rose Admissions Instagram Page (@saintroseadmit)! Being an Online Ambassador is incredibly awesome and has allowed me to feel like I’m making a difference at Saint Rose!

Yeah, I'm pretty much a professional photographer :)

Yeah, I’m pretty much a professional photographer 🙂

If you are offered a Work-Study job in your Financial Aid package, I highly suggest not passing it up! A few hours a week can earn you some extra cash in your pocket! And as incoming Freshmen will find out, the term “poor college student” is no joke…

Spring DEFINITELY here!! YAY! Have a great weekend everyone!

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