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♪ In the Merry Old Land of Corey ♪

So… Hello, Konnichiwa, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao! Some of you may know me, but then maybe not, for I’m sequestered from many of you in Golub Hall, one of the new houses opened up to freshman, and, being a Music Industry

A picture from my senior photoshoot (credit to

major, you’ll almost always find me in Massry when I’m not at home. It’s interesting how we can start calling this place our home after being here for only a few weeks…

I came from Moreau, NY, a relatively small town about 50 minutes north on I-87 from Albany, and I wouldn’t wish to have been brought up anywhere else. My grandparents lived 2 houses down, and they gave me an early start in music, always singing and letting me play on their electric organ. I went through the grades and started playing the flute and singing in school as early as I could, and joined the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra’s Children’s Chorus starting in 5th grade. Despite this, I only decided to go to college for music at the end of my junior year, and spent all my senior year preparing for it.

I didn’t even really know about Saint Rose until my friend and fellow freshman, Megan, had my parents and me come on a tour. Before that I was looking at the other big schools, Fredonia, Potsdam, etc. Saint Rose won me over with its beautiful campus, seemingly omni-amiable atmosphere, and closeness to home. Unlike many of the 244 other students that I graduated with, I didn’t hate it in South Glens Falls, and I never really understood why they did, but I suppose there’s a side to their story I didn’t know. We even took a three-hour trip, both ways, to Potsdam and it just didn’t feel right there, and then there’s Fredonia seven hours out west…

Outside of music, I enjoy science (and I will be taking Physics at some point here), animals (My tank’s too small, I want more than three fish ): ), and being with my friends. In fact, until I got here and made some great friends, I was perpetually watching  YouTube videos and scrolling through Tumblr, and now, while I’m still rather addicted to them (I’m really backed-up on videos from my subscriptions!), I’ve been spending a lot more time away with friends or practicing. I love my friends…

Best friends I could ever ask for. (Photo from Sam Sutphin)

… the old ones from back home…

These guys are pretty cool, too. (Photo from Isaiah Agojo)

…and the new.

I will point out that I just got sorted on Pottermore the other day into Ravenclaw. I don’t know anybody here that’s a Ravenclaw, so get at me :). I’m a pretty quiet person until I feel comfortable around you, so don’t be surprised if you talk to me and I kind of mutter under my breath in response.

How’s that for an introduction? I can’t think of anything else to write, so I’ll just keep derping along until next time. In the words of two of my favorite YouTubers, “DFTBA” and “G’Bye!”

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