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21 Job Street

This week, I want to talk about one of my favorite things: THE MOVIES.

Recently, I have added 21 Jump Street to my list of favorite movies. It is hilarious if I do say so myself- and I will. I laughed the entire time. By now you’re probably sitting there with a inquisitive grin on your face thinking, “Wait..that movie doesn’t come out until Friday.” You are correct, but I got  a personal invitation from Channing Tatum. JUST KIDDING. I wish that were true- but it’s my job to watch new movies.

I work for marketing firm in Cleveland, Ohio called Allied Integrated Marketing. Several times during the month, I communicate with the office via email and phone. I send them reports or pictures of everything I do. It’s probably one of the most fun jobs I have ever had because it involves movies and people. Yes, the people at screenings can get a little sassy sometimes but I have never had a bad experience with them. The different publicists that I work with respond to me  quickly and  are always available via cell phone when I have events.

So I’m guessing now you’re  thinking, “What exactly do you do?” I am movie screening representative and studio rep/promoter. Most of the work I do is at local theatres but sometimes I get to go to local events and pass out movie passes or posters. See my previous post.

Karaoke Knight./NicoleDama

Last year on campus, I got to hand out water bottles, book bags, and hats for the movie Soul Surfer. I had to take pictures and upload them for the company in Ohio. I set up a little booth at the Environmental Club’s Green Fair for Earth Day. It was so much fun and I was getting paid to pass out stuff and snap pictures. (Pinkies Up!)  Sounds sooo glamorous right?  It is fun, but can be demanding.

As screening representatives/studio reps, we must be able to speak in front of large crowds and deal with the press. The members of the press are great (check out  Lights Camera Jackson-awesome guy!),  but sometimes people in the crowds are a little mad if they don’t get a seat. All passes are given out on a first come, first serve basis. You would think people who be okay with that since IT’S FREE. But not always. Thank goodness for the theater managers and studio security. I don’t take what people say personally but I do feel bad at times. I recommend to movie goers at screenings to come at least an hour early.

Green Fair/NicoleDama

In the past year I have seen about 40 movies all thanks to The College of Saint Rose. You want to know how?  The Career Center.  Last winter break,  my friend Cara and I went on the eCareerCenter to find her a job and ended up finding my own. I had already been working in retail but that’s another story.  I called the listed contact and asked if they were still hiring. A week later I was doing a phone interview. Now just over a year later this company has helped me to enjoy over 80 hours of film and gain a lot of experience working with the press and the general public. This company also helped me get a remote internship with Fox Searchlight Pictures.  

 I have loved every minute of it and everyone I have met through it.

If you are interested in finding out about local screenings (Come visit me, and give me a high five) check out:

Gofobo (For Albany and other locations across the country)

43Kix Albany Facebook

43 Kix Albany Twitter

See you at the movies.

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