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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fill Out the FAFSA 

Screen shot of the FAFSA website.

Ugh, FAFSA. Acronyms. It wouldn’t surprise us if even the FAFSA people didn’t know what it stands for. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Thanks, Google.)

Do you seriously have to fill out this thing? Here are three reasons not to:

1. Setting fire to money keeps you warm at night. 
You can’t beat a good, hot money fire. And when you fill out the FAFSA, you’re bound to get financial aid from somewhere. Here comes Uncle Sam, putting out the flames on your money. It is so typical of the government to just hand out free money and reduced-rate loans to people out here just trying to pay full price for their education. SMH.

2. You hate filling out forms. 

Filling out forms — especially ones that require you to dig up your parents’ old tax documents — is extremely boring. So what if the FAFSA has lots of automatic features that just fill in most of the information for you once you enter your social security number and a few personal details? Who cares if it only takes a half hour? So what if taking the time to fill out the FAFSA can result in thousands of dollars in student aid? You could be re-watching episodes of “The Office.”

3. You don’t want to be admitted to college. 

OK, so SOME colleges won’t admit you to college if they haven’t received your FAFSA because they’ll assume you’re not serious about enrolling, but come on! You didn’t really want to go to college anyway, did you? When you’re done with “The Office” you can totally re-watch “Breaking Bad.”

Know who knows what FAFSA stands for without looking it up? We do. So if you have questions about why it’s actually VERY important to file your FAFSA, email us at or call 518.458.5464.

And fill out your FAFSA here.

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