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Sucks to be Sick

Being sick in college sucks, it is awful, and very hard to avoid. When you share your room with one person, and your bathroom with twenty, it’s hard to keep the germs away. Then when you do get sick (believe me, it will happen), getting over it is equally hard. You can’t call your mom and have her bring some soup back on her way home this evening. You can’t cuddle with your cats, because that always helps.  If you need medication, you either have to beg a friend to go get it, or get out of bed and walk to CVS. Unless you want Ramen, getting an actual meal requires you to leave your room…and your building. Also, once you’re done, it’s a lot harder to make sure the water bottle you’ve been using is actually germ-free (because no dishwasher).


I was sick for the good part of last week, and am still getting over it.  I managed to not miss any classes (it was tough, but two snow days made it easier). The only thing I fell behind on was reading (because this is college and there’s a lot of it), and blogging. However, I did manage to watch four seasons of Parks and Recreation (do it, it’s a good show), so I call that productive.

One of the best feelings in the world is when it’s all over and you can put the cough medicine and Mucinex that has taken residence on your desk back in the closet where it belongs, and you can wash your sheets and blankets to rid them of germs. And of course, you can finally function properly again. Which for me, is great, because if I’m sick for too long (aka more than a week), i get bored, and cranky, and no one wants to associate with me.

The best way to avoid getting sick (and trust me, you want to) is to prevent it. It’s like your parents and kindergarten teachers tell you. Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Drink lots of fluids.  Read this article about ways to deal with being sick. Try your best not to miss class….because making stuff up is almost as bad as being sick in the first place. Then call your mom, dad, grandma or whoever, because just hearing their voice can make you feel like a million bucks.

“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Until next time,
Anne Marie

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