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4 tips on how to prepare for class presentations

Class presentations are a staple of a college education. In graduate school, I have experienced my fair share of presentations already (and there are more to come!). As I prepare for several presentations within the next few weeks, I’d like to offer my tips to my fellow students who are also preparing to give class presentations.

Although some students enjoy giving presentations, other students become anxious at the thought of presenting. I think the key to relieving some of that anxiety is preparation. If you prepare and rehearse your presentation, you will likely feel less anxious and more confident.

Here are 4 tips on how to prepare for class presentations:

  • Rehearse. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to “wing it”. I’ve witnessed many presentations where a student stumbles over their words, repeats the same thing 12 different ways, or simply freezes and doesn’t know what to say. You can avoid this by rehearsing your presentation and planning what you want to cover.
  • Ask your friends for feedback. Ask your roommate or friend to watch you rehearse. Then, ask them for feedback or suggestions. Many people have nervous habits when presenting such as saying “um” or not making eye contact. Your friend may be able to point that habit out so you are more aware of it.
  • Double check your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, make sure to double check each slide for spelling or grammar errors. PowerPoint doesn’t usually catch errors, so it’s up to you to proofread.
  • Relax before class. Do something relaxing before class like listen to your favorite music or go for a walk. Don’t stress yourself out by worrying how you’ll do on the presentation. If you’ve prepared and rehearsed, you should be more confident in your presentation!

What tips do you have on preparing for class presentations? Do you have a class presentation coming up? Let me know in the comments below!

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