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A Closer Look at All Things Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose is a great institution of higher education that is always changing and offering new opportunities. Being a former undergraduate student who joined the work force for a few years and eventually came back to study at the graduate level (seriously, I just couldn’t stay away!), I often find myself marveling at how much the school has grown both physically and academically.

Looking for some examples are you? I thought you’d never ask. Consider this: as an undergraduate, I lived in a world devoid of The William Randolph Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive MediaThe Massry Center for the ArtsThe Huether School of Business, and much of the Saint Rose-owned property we see today on the streets that surround the main campus. It truly was a different time and place, and all of us current students are very lucky to have so many state of the art facilities available to support our journey through higher education.

But that’s not all – there are plenty of course offerings now in rotation that were also absent during my undergrad days. Things like student internships in the New York State court system, outdoor adventure classes at inns and resorts spanning three different states, and advanced human anatomy lab instruction are now a reality for Saint Rose students.

In my online journalism class just last night, I had a brief discussion about this with All Over Albany‘s Greg Dahlmann and Mary Darcy. Both were on hand to to talk with communications graduate students about their successful new media endeavor, and outline the challenges and triumphs associated with it. Both also said the Saint Rose opportunities I mentioned earlier were news to them.

These are things that have inspired me to launch a new video series called “All About Saint Rose.” Each week, I’ll tell you about some standout research, coursework, campus event, or other interesting activity involving a Saint Rose student, faculty, or staff member – and I’ll do it all in sixty seconds.

This week, you’ll hear from a student in the Saint Rose biology program who is doing some valuable independent research. Enjoy!

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