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A Great Start to Saint Rose

Hey guys! So this year has been off to an amazing start and I have been doing so many things on campus that it would only be right for me to show you a recap of where I am at this semester. First off, I’m a first-year student, as many people know, so this is my first semester on campus and it has honestly been such a great time. I absolutely love Saint Rose already and everyone that makes this campus home. As many first-year students are I was afraid of coming to college, to just pick up my stuff and move in to a dorm. It all felt so unreal. I now live in Brubacher Hall and since I never had a chance to visit the campus besides orientation I was basically coming into college blind. I had no idea about how I was going to fit in with the campus or how I would like the general feel of things, but I couldn’t be happier at this point. I can honestly say that coming to Saint Rose was a great choice!


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So to help myself get more immersed into the campus I applied for the ALANA is Leadership Pathways program. The Pathways students come about three days earlier than other students, so I thought that it was a good idea to be there a little early so I could explore a little more. ALANA is Leadership is a mentoring program where it is designed to assist new students through their first year, so I figured that I was a perfect fit!

Over the course of those short three days the group of students came together and we truly became a family. We went on an outdoor adventure for a whole day, got to spend time learning ways to better ourselves on campus and met some great friends. This really helped me adjust to the college experience in a city like Albany coming from a farming county in New Jersey. When the rest of the students came that weekend I had already felt like I found my place in the school and had a good friend group in place as we started this new journey.

Here are some more pictures of my experiences!


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Other than ALANA a lot of events have been going on around the area or even right here. I have seen so much energy coming from this student body and it astounds me. I love that about Saint Rose. So far this year another one of my highlights has been Reach Out Saint Rose! This event was great and volunteering in the community helps Albany, which is now OUR community too. Reach Out Saint Rose has been an annual community service day where many students volunteer a few hours of their time and make a huge impact by going out to various places within the community and giving back what they can.

I went to #ROSR2015 with my ALANA is Leadership group and we helped out a church in Albany that was doing a street fair. This street fair was so fascinating to me because there were so many people there to help the community, such as The Ronald McDonald House and Sysco who were also accompanied by many church/community members that have collected a good amount of backpacks, clothes, and school supplies to help the surrounding families. It was a moving event and reminded me that Saint Rose really does care about Albany too.

Also be on the look out for Part 2 of my start at Saint Rose for more on volunteering with my American City classes, Lark Fest, and FEAR Fest!


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