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A One (Wo)Man Egg Hunt

Easter break is the shortest break Saint Rose has. Fortunately enough, it is a much needed one as finals are quickly approaching.

This year, I packed as many things as I could into my 3-day weekend. On Friday, my Aunt and I decorated Easter eggs with paints and sparkles! Since I have come to college, decorating Easter eggs the Friday before Easter has become a tradition. My Aunt and I went to get a kit around 11, and were decorating for a good 2 hours after that.

The Easter Eggs my Aunt, Mom and I colored! 🙂 Photo taken by me!

On Saturday, I hung out with my friends. I went to Sam Ash and then at night, we went mini golfing! I came in third, a 54 to 53 score. Next time, I will win!
I also went to a Seder Dinner at my parent’s friend’s house! As the youngest, I had to read the questions. This is another “Easter” Tradition my family does. I love Seder dinners almost as much as my normal Easter dinners. There are so many traditions and everything eaten at the table means something. It is a learning experience, while also being fun and yummy!

The biggest tradition of my family occurs on Easter itself. My brother and I race around my house to find the most Easter eggs. Whoever wins, naturally, gets the most candy and the most money. This year my brother has moved on to bigger and better things in Florida, which means he wasn’t home for the biggest event in the Russo household. My dad hid one lone Easter egg this year for me to find. I’ll admit, it wasn’t as fun without my brother, but it was still nice for the hunt to be on.

My mom and dad, proving they are the best time and time again, decided to host the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Sanibel this year, when we go to visit my brother. Easter in Summer, who would have thought?

What are some of your family’s Easter traditions? I’d love to hear them!

My cat, Cassie, playing with the ribbon from my Easter basket! 🙂

What do you think?

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