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A Reflection on Being Open and Saying “Yes”– Most of the Time


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Whether I have done it intentionally or not, upon reflection I feel very proud of my ability to continue my new year’s resolution beyond the first week of the new year.  As you may recall reading, my new year’s resolution boiled down to just one word: “Open”.  My definition of open has been to say yes to normally intimidating activities, be more accepting of regular change, consider ways to revamp old habits, and make myself more available to others.

My progress so far…

  • Instead of griping about a busy schedule, I started the semester equipped to hit it head on.  I stocked up on simple comforts I could look forward to when I get home at the end of the day.  I bought myself a foot spa and herbal teas, and vowed to make time to let myself enjoy a few of my favorite TV shows each week to wind down (New Girl, Workaholics, Downton Abbey, The New Normal).  I also plan on getting some audiobooks to make the most out of my commute to internship 3 times per week (This blog gave me the inspiration to do that).
  • I have offered to give 3+ presentations and run workshops outside of the required classroom assignments.  Public speaking has always scared me the most, and instead of avoiding it I decided I need to challenge myself.  I gave one a week ago and it felt great!
  • I also have relaxed on my approach to public speaking, putting less focus on creating notecards and memorizing information but rather trusting myself and my knowledge. Preparation is important, but in the past I prepared to excess, which had a harmful effect.
  • I have signed myself up for professional development workshops for my spare time.  This is my last chance to make the most of free college events and grad student discounts.
  • I continue to push myself to speak up more and create new or stronger interpersonal relationships.  In class and in my jobs I feel I’ve done a decent job at this.

But what is missing?

  • I have not been as open to socializing in my spare time.  It’s difficult to balance social life with work/student life. One positive way I’ve done this is my fellow grad student friend and I spend a weekend afternoon at a cafe drinking coffee, chatting, and getting our work done.

I hope I can make myself more available to the people in my life.  However, I know that right now I have a lot of limitations and only so much free time and energy to expend.  I must acknowledge I cannot do it all, all the time.  Come summer, I can make socializing with my friends and family my priority again.

Luckily, I still have 10 months of the year to reshape my definition of being “Open”!

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