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A Saint Rose Icon! Meeting yourself for the first time!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! The GIANTS WON!! HOORAY!! Don’t worry..I am not getting into the Superbowl. I’m here to give a shout out to a Saint Rose celebrity! This student has been in Saint Rose videos, commercials, folders, and post cards. This student has been a true example of a liaison for Saint Rose students. I am talking about Kajanna McKenzie! She is currently a junior with a biology/Pre-med major. When she isn’t located on the Saint Rose website, she is a residential assistant in Brubacher Hall. This is my shout out to you!

Why would I randomly give Kajanna a shout out for advertising Saint Rose? It’s something that she did last week that touched my heart. Numerous students go to the Colonie Center in Albany and see a Saint Rose advertisement with Kajanna on it. When students tell her that they saw her picture in the mall, she tells them that she’s never seen it before and that she is going to visit it one day. Well that changed last week. Kajanna decided to go to Colonie Center and finally see her advertisement with her own eyes! What did she do? She gave it a GIANT (trying to make a Superbowl joke) hug!

What I really enjoyed about this picture is that it meant more than meeting your advertisement in a mall. To me, this picture means that this individual is proud to be representing the school that I really care about. To me, this picture shows that Kajanna cares about Saint Rose and how this school will help her succeed in life. If you are reading this Kajanna, I will like to tell you that since you’ve been the “Face” of Saint Rose, you have truly inspired many students to come to this institution to learn and succeed in life. Also, I love your famous quote from the video, “I want to be a doctor”. You truly inspire people to work hard towards their dreams!

Watch Kajanna in action here!

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