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A Senior’s Second Semester Resolutions

With the spring semester of the 2014-2015 academic year quickly approaching so is the realization that this really is the end. If you know anything about me it is that I have been dreading the day when I walk across the commencement stage and trudge into the real world. It is not because I do not think I can’t handle it, because this is one thing I know I can, my want to stay is simply because I hate when things end. Somewhat miraculously I have very recently learned that it is okay if things end and instead of fighting my impending graduation I have decided to try and look forward to it. Below are the five things that I feel will help maximize my time and ensure that these past four years will be ones that I look back on and smile (although, I’ll never be able to smile about my math class, that was the worst).

Hanging out with my friends Britt and Katie instead of binge watching Netflix

Hanging out with my friends Britt and Katie instead of binge watching Netflix

1) Accept (Nearly) Every Invitation-
Although I would sometimes prefer to stay in and watch The Mindy Project I can always make time to watch TV no matter what stage I am in my life. What I will not always have time for is to accept invitations out with friends, build blanket forts at 10 p.m., or to play tennis in parking lots.

2) Be Spontaneous- I have a habit of making excuses as to why I do not want to do something and honestly my excuses are never that good. Instead of trying to think of a reason to say no to midnight adventures to Denny’s or just hanging out in a friend’s room I am going to start going with it and I recommend you do the same. Much like with accepting invitations we have the rest of our lives to take it easy and when else is it going to be even remotely acceptable to sit on a picnic table on the quad at 2 a.m.? I mean really, if you do that after you graduate you will probably have security called on you.

3) Make New Traditions-  In college there are always people around to do new things and these things are often what turn into tradition. Find something new and fun to do with a group of people that you want to remember when everything else will feel distant. Traditions don’t have to be grand or over the top, they can be something as simple as ordering food and watching a favorite show or going to the Madison Theater to catch a movie on a school night.

4) Look to Make Yourself Happy– This is something that I think most people can stand to try, most definitely myself included. Whether this is by buying yourself a treat from Starbucks on your way to class or finally saying no to that friend that needs favors constantly, you have to make these next five months count.

Exploring The Hearst Tower with Matt and Lauren on a com department field trip.

Exploring The Hearst Tower with Matt and Lauren on a com department field trip.

5) Make a Lasting Impression- Being remembered is possibly the coolest thing you can leave behind during your college years, just make sure it is for a good reason. Without realizing it you could have already laid the groundwork for a legacy by volunteering, playing a sport, or being a leader on campus. It is what you do with that groundwork that can help you leave something behind for the community for years to come. This is probably my hardest resolution on this list because I believe this has to come from a good place in order to work. No matter what you want to do or how big or small, you have to believe it will in some way benefit others and leave Saint Rose in a better place than how you found it.

There will come a time when everyone has to graduate and that fact can not be changed. What can be changed, as I am finally realizing, is your attitude about leaving. No matter if you are begging to get out or begging to stay at Saint Rose forever, the only thing you can do now is create a few more memories to look back on when you are missing something in life.

What do you think?

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