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A Summer in the Capital Region

Regretfully, this is my first blog post all summer… luckily, I have a lot to talk about!  This summer I’m living in the beautiful city of Albany.  I earned the opportunity to be granted an intern position at SI Group, an international chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Niskayuna, NY.  The company is responsible for producing a bunch of (for lack of a better word) random chemicals that are put into a bigger finished product in goods we use every day like paint, tires, sneakers, car oil, etc.

Since science really is not my forte at all, I’m working within the human resources department, which is a career field that I am considering to pursue after graduate school.  Although the commute isn’t the greatest, about 50 minutes each way, I cannot complain.  This internship has been teaching me a lot and is PAID!  My work schedule is also another benefit, Monday through Friday, giving me every weekend to do as I please, which normally consists of going to my lake house in Saratoga or visiting my friends in their home states (near or far)! I’ve been having a super busy, productive and lively summer thus far.

Another highlight this summer, aside from turning 20, has been going to Cape Cod for the first time!  One of my friends from Saint Rose is fortunate enough to have a house there and with open arms has invited me to come along for the ride any weekend that I can, which is definitely something I will take advantage of (free vacation, I’d be crazy not too)!  Other than my internship and (un)usual weekend adventures, I’m just trying to make the best of the time I have away from worrying about classes, homework and professors; although these things are slightly missed… very, very slightly.  Hopefully soon I get to reunite with the girls I spent my time in New Orleans with, AKA the NOLA Fam, as well as other very important people I have yet to see!

Vacation thus far may be summed up in one word: progression.  I am progressing personal job experience, relationships with others and learning more about myself as a person.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break as much as I am! To the class of 2017, I hope you are all super excited for orientations to start and congratulations on graduating!!


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