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A well Balanced Schedule

Having a well-balanced schedule is SUPER important. School should always come first (of course), but it is also important to leave plenty of time to have some fun. There are a ton of ways to get involved on campus to meet others and to make some college memories.
Keeping my door open in Brubacher Hall was the easiest way to meet people and have some fun my freshman year. We would just yell down the hall to make plans for the weekend or for dinner. It’s also how I met my best friend, who is now one of my roommates in Centennial Hall.
Joining a club or going to a club’s event is a great way to meet people, have some fun, and win some free stuff. Today is the fall activities fair, where all of the clubs on campus set up a table to tell other students what they do and how to join. There are clubs ranging from social event based to community service based to academic based and everywhere in between. For more information about this year’s Saint Rose clubs, click HERE to see the list of Student Association clubs… (that’s our student government. You can join that, too!)
I’m pretty involved on campus, so staying organized is a must for me. I always make sure to set aside some time each day to get some work done. This way, in the chaos of classes, working and working on things for the Student Events Board, I can be sure to have time to get work done. What works for you?

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