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Advisement Day Approaches (Queue Inspirational Music)

Sometimes you have to take a stand and show the universe who’s boss.  We may not have control over rising gas prices, the weather, or the staggering amount of coffee one might require to successfully cope with the world before noon ( I maintain that this is beyond my control), but surely there are occasions, however infrequent, when we prove to be masters of our own destinies.  According to Dr. Kelly Meyer, Director of Academic Advising, Advisement Day is just such an occasion.  He writes, “Advisement Day is one of the best opportunities for students to make informed decisions about their degree programs, and to really take control  of their education.”

At this point, you’ve probably hopefully read several messages about Advisement Day.  If you haven’t, check your Saint Rose email!  If you’ve read the emails, then the following list should help you prioritize the information.  Dr. Meyer offers the Top Three Things to Remember on Advisement Day:

  1.   Academic Progress Report – Be sure to review and understand your Academic Progress Report.  Progress Reports are accessible via the Secure Site (using your Saint Rose ID number and PIN).  Remember that your academic advisor’s name can be found in the upper, left-hand corner of your Academic Progress Report.  If you need assistance deciphering the Progress Report, you can stop by the Academic Advising Office or the Registrar, both in Saint Joseph Hall.
  2. Course Offerings – You can view the Summer and Fall 2012 course offerings on the Registrar website.  These listings are updated in real-time, so you can see how many seats are available in a class as registration proceeds.  You can also click on a course title to view a description of the class and check to see if the course requires prerequisite coursework or a math placement test score.  Lastly, click on the blue textbook icon after a course title to view the required textbooks for the class.  Remember the course offerings are viewed from the Registrar section of the website.  Students often look for it within the Secure Site.
  3. Schedule Planning Form – Students should formulate a tentative course schedule in advance of their meeting with their advisor (preferably students should draft a couple of alternative schedules, in case a course they want is full).  A useful tool for drafting your class schedule is the Schedule Planning Form, which is available from the Academic Advising Office.

So there you have it.  Three simple points to keep in mind as you prepare for Advisement Day tomorrow (yes, it’s tomorrow!)  Remember, it’s not about paperwork, it’s about empowerment.  Dr. Meyer observes, “I hope students will think of Advisement Day as an opportunity to talk with an expert in their chosen field – their advisor – and, in general, to take control of their educational destiny.”  Feel free to play inspirational music as you complete your Schedule Planning Form and jog confidently to your advisor’s office.  I’m thinking maybe some Wagner or Cee Lo.

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