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Albany; full of surprises

Today, I got off of the bus at Henry Johnson Blvd. and Central Avenue to wait for the 29 bus, which runs through Latham. Now, I see all sorts of interesting things waiting at this bus stop, but on a bummer day, the following events could not have been more delightful.

While waiting, a woman asked me where my coat was. I told her I felt fine with out one and then we started talking more. She asked if I lived outside of Albany and I told her that I attend The College of Saint Rose as a music student. She was delighted, in fact, she knew a girl who went there several years ago. We boarded the bus and sat together and I had a lovely conversation with this woman, who I came to know as Victoria. When boarding the bus, I saw a small child sitting in the seat behind his mother looking as sad and mad as could be. An elderly woman boarded the bus a little later and took notice to the boy. She turned around and smiled at him and I didn’t have to ask, it was the smile of a grandmother. She started talking to the boy (who looked to be about 4) and although I am not sure he spoke or understood English, he was smiling in no time, purely feeding off her joy and enthusiasm.

I was raised in the country, so the city becomes too much for me sometimes. It’s 99% strangers (while I hail from a small town) and I hear about more violence in one week than I have in my entire life in my home town. Meeting and observing simple, friendly people just gave me a spat of hope. There is always happiness, everywhere, you just have to look harder for it in some places than others. Oh, what a day on the bus 🙂


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