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Alumni Chat: Kyleen Davis ’08

Here is another one of the Saint Rose Alumni in Admissions volunteers. Kyleen will be representing The College of Saint Rose at the March 16, 2014 Atlanta National College Fair, if you are in the area that day stop by and say hello.

 Kyleen becomes Abraham Lincoln to introduce the Civil War unit to her fifth grade class!

Kyleen becomes Abraham Lincoln to introduce the Civil War unit to her fifth grade class!

Kyleen Davis graduated from Saint Rose in 2008 and completed her Master’s at Teachers College Columbia University in 2009.  After teaching fourth grade in Liberty, New York, she decided to make a big move south to live closer to family and escape winter (for the most part!).  She currently teaches fifth grade at the Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia and has been there for 4 years.

1.       What attracted you to Saint Rose?

I knew I was looking for a school that was strong in education. When I began my search for potential colleges, Saint Rose immediately stood out as a top choice.  It’s reputation for being a strong school for education as well as the quaint campus in the middle of a city was something that hooked me right off the bat. When I came to visit, it was a miserable day weather-wise, and I still found myself excited and eager to be a part of the community.

2.       What was your favorite place to visit off campus?

There were so many little local places that I loved that it’s hard to choose.  It was always fun to meet up with friends at all of the taverns and pubs right around the school. Visiting the New York State Museum was another highlight for me.

3.       What was one of the most memorable traditions on campus when you were a student?

I always loved Rose Rock and “decorating” the huge tree in the middle of the lawn on Halloween eve. Rose Rock always meant that spring had actually arrived and it was great to be able to enjoy that day with your friends. “Decorating” the tree seemed to just welcome a fun holiday that everyone would welcome together.

4.       What did you do in your free time while you were in college?

I spent a lot of my free time being active in the Saint Rose community.  I enjoyed being a part of Student Events Board and serving on the board for Student Association my junior year. I liked being a part of the planning side of things, but also really enjoyed being able to attend the different events that Saint Rose offered.  There was never a reason to be bored!

5.       What is one of your greatest accomplishments since graduation?

One would be the opportunity to pursue my Master’s at Teachers College Columbia University.  I was not even planning on applying there until one of my professors suggested it to me.  What was most amazing to me, though, was starting school there and feeling over-prepared because of the education I received at Saint Rose.  At the end of the day, I think my greatest accomplishment has been finally getting into my own classroom and putting into practice something that I’ve dreamed about since I was in second grade. There’s nothing better than finally having your own classroom!

6.       If you could give one piece of advice to a current student – what would it be?

Take advantage of every opportunity and make sure you maintain a positive perspective about it.  I remember going through certain times in college thinking, “Man, this is really hard.” No, it’s really not. Enjoy the fact that you’re at a school that pushes you to outdo yourself.  You’ll thank them for it when you really ARE facing something difficult.

7.       Would you care to share a random fun fact about yourself?

I’m so bad at these! I always end up just saying that I lived in Belgium when I was younger.  The usual response is a blank stare, followed by, “Belgium… like… the country in Europe??” Yup. That Belgium. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to grow up surrounded by different cultures and being able to experience them first hand.

8.       Would you like to send a shout out to any professors?

I owe EVERYTHING to the man, the myth, the legend: Professor Joseph Schaefer. As a professor, he pushed me out of my comfort zone as a student learning to be a teacher, and as a teacher trying things out in the classroom. He has proven the idea that he shared with me when I was a student, “You never know where your inspiration and impact will end.” I hope he knows that this is SO true of him.  I’d also love to give a shout out to several other “adults” that made my years at Saint Rose the best- Rita McLaughlin and Dennis McDonald in the Office of Student Affairs. They are truly amazing and so enjoyable to be around.

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