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Anticipation of Freedom

     Remember that feeling you used to get in highschool when it was reaching the end of the year? For me this was just last year and I admit that once this feeling hit I did just enough to not get in trouble. Last year that was not a problem as I was going to graduate and grades closed prior to graduation. But in college  its different.

     Instead of having a couple of weeks with nothing to do leading up to summer vacation I now have EVERYTHING to do. I can not sit back and enjoy that feeling of the anticipation of freedom, instead I must hunker down and prepare for an all out work load war. In the coming weeks Saint Rose students and college students everywhere must keep up the work until the very end. We must write essays, read chapters, and create right up until our pens leave the pages of our last final. We must put the feeling of excitement aside and try to keep the visions of summer fun out of our minds as we continue to bang out term papers. We must make it through.

     This was dramatic I know- but with the awesome weather we have been having summer just seems too close when in reality its only April 18th and we do not make our escape until May 10th.  

The count down on my phone that I look at all the time now. (I leave May 7th!!)

What do you think?

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