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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Zak Barnett

Life As A “Commuter” Student: Summer Classes

Hey readers!  You all know that the “typical” college experience consists of eight semesters: 4 in the fall, 4 in the spring.  Not everyone is so lucky to stick to this layout.  Some students need to take courses over the summer in order to graduate on time.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, it has recently come to my…

Senior Art Gallery in Massry

Hey readers!  Who out there loves great art?  Ever want to go check out the works of up-and-coming talent in all kinds of niches in the world of art?  I do and recently visited the Senior Art Show in the Esther Massry Gallery on campus.

The gallery was a presentation of the best works of some of our graduating seniors through various mediums: paintings, graphic design, etc.  The pieces chosen for display were absolutely fantastic!  The painters all used interesting colors and techniques to apply different textures and layers to their works.  The graphic design displays all looked so professional I became confused as to whether I was in a gallery or at some sort of expo for miscellaneous products.  All of the seniors who got their work into this gallery have accomplished something awesome and totally deserve this honor!

While the Senior Art Show is now closed, the Graduate Art Exhibition will open on May 1 featuring works from four selected graduate students. The gallery is on Madison Ave. in the Massry Center for the Arts (across the street from Albertus Hall).

If you were able to visit the senior show or WERE a featured senior, please leave comments about what you thought!

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SycAmour and Brightwell at Bogies

On Wednesday, March 4, I went to Bogies on Ontario Street, behind Madison’s Pizza, for one of the best shows ever!!!  It was a lineup of up-and-comers in the metalcore scene along with several local openers.  SycAmour was headlining the show, and leading up to them was Brightwell, Que Sera, Blackout Las Vegas, Cutting Ties and Here 2 Stay. Here…

The Launch Party!!!

Last Friday, February 13, the Rose Record Label Group made its stellar public debut!  This semi-formal event packed Jack’s Place full of all kinds of people from the Saint Rose community who wanted to see what our music industry students had accomplished.  Everyone was dressed for the occasion, even the building!  I had never seen the Hearst Center look as…