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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Amirreza Samarbakhsh

I am an international student from Iran at The College of Saint Rose. I am also a transfer student from Massasoit Community College. I study Biochemistry and I am a junior. My goal is to go to the pharmacy school and become a pharmacist.

Obtaining a Driver’s License for International Students

Many international students at The College of Saint Rose reside in off-campus housing. Sometimes finding an appropriate apartment close to school can be a challenge, especially when the international students arrive only a few days prior to the start of the new semester. Sometimes students choose apartments that are a little far from the campus and they need a vehicle…

Friday Knights with Autistic Children

Many students around the campus are special education majors. They like to help kids who have special needs and they try to help those kids show their talents in the classroom and achieve their goals in the best possible way. This past Friday, there was opportunity for all of the students, and not only the special education majors, to work…

International Students Orientation Leader

Hello everyone, So this semester, I decided to become an Orientation Leader for the international students who started their studies in fall 2015. We had new students from India, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, France, Vietnam, China and more. On the first day, we registered students upon their arrival, and picked some of them up from the airport. Many of…

Being a Biochemistry Major

Hi everyone! This is Amirreza! As I said in my last blog, I study biochemistry at The College of Saint Rose. I transferred from Massasoit Community College to Saint Rose in Fall 2014. I studied Liberal Arts – Science at the community college, and then I decided to transfer to a four year college to continue my education.

After getting accepted at Saint Rose, I decided to study biochemistry. Biochemistry is the combination of two majors – biology and chemistry. I always liked chemistry and biology and was passionate about learning new aspects of these subjects. Being a biochemistry major will help my future in a lot of ways, and can benefit many students. First of all, being a biochemistry major is the best pathway to medical, dental, or pharmacy school. Also, some students choose to obtain a PhD in one of the natural sciences. Many graduate schools will fund their students fully for their PhD programs and they also pay these students on a monthly basis in the case that student get accepted to these PhD programs. However, some people chose to not continue their education after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry. These students can work at pharmaceutical companies, food companies, or they can become research assistants.

Being a biochemistry major at Saint Rose has many benefits. One of the most important benefits is the research opportunities that students have to work with their professors. These research opportunities look great on student resumes, and students can gain a better understanding for their lab techniques. Also, these research opportunities can lead to being published in a science journal. Another benefit is that the class sizes are usually small. This makes students better able to interact with their professors and other students and get the help that they need. Most of the science professors are available outside of class either via email or during office hours. Students can ask questions about the class subjects or get helpful advice about their academic futures. I chose to become a biochemistry major because I have always been interested in scientific subjects and my goal is to go to either pharmacy or graduate school. I try to take advantage of the great opportunities in my major during my time at Saint Rose to become successful in the future.

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Alternative Winter Break

Hi everybody, this is Amirreza! I am an international student from Iran and I study biochemistry here at Saint Rose. In this blog, I want to talk about my winter break and how I spent it. For this break, which was my first winter break at Saint Rose, I decided to go on the 20th Saint Rose volunteer trip to Washington…