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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Raven

My name is Raven Short and I am a senior majoring in Communications at The College of Saint Rose. I am social butterfly, so my mother calls me, who is full of life with a craving for the world. My four years at the College has molded me into a dedicated business woman who works hard in all aspects of life. I stand by the quote my grandfather always told me, "you are your own limitation."


Who would have known right around the corner in one of the College’s building there is a church? New Birth Christian Fellowship Center is a church that I attend every Sunday on Madison Avenue. New Birth is located on 879 Madison Ave. From the outside you wouldn’t expect to walk in and see Pastor Paul Parsons preaching to the congregation. But like…

That’s So Raven

Here I am starting my first blog ever. I, Raven Short, have been fighting with myself in taking this step and expressing to viewers basically… myself. So, a little background information would be appropriate- I am a graduating senior and I have attended Saint Rose for my entire undergraduate career. The four years have been full of accomplishments. I don’t…