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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Vito VanDunk

Hey everyone, my name is Vito Van Dunk and I am a part of the Class of 2019! I'm a Business Admin major with a concentration in Marketing and I try to be immersed in the campus through Student Association, Student Events Board, ALANA, and more. I'm from Montague, New Jersey and live in Brubacher Hall but I am loving St. Rose and Albany so far! Follow me through my first year at the college and beyond!

Campus Shenanigans…Or Something Like That

Did you know that Saint Rose has about 40 on campus clubs that are overseen by the Student Association? Well neither did I before coming to campus and truly immersing myself with these amazing opportunities. However there are even more clubs/activities that you can do on campus that aren’t under the Student Association like one of our amazing dance teams,…

Vito, Why Did You Choose Saint Rose?

Hello friends! Since I get this question a lot from peers in high school, co-workers, and on campus I figured this week I would talk about how I found out about Saint Rose, #whyichosestrose and what led me to where I am today… So a little over a year ago I was sending in my final applications to all the colleges I…

A Great Start to Saint Rose: Part 2

How are we doing today Saint Rose? I personally am feeling amazing, because I get to share with you Part 2 of my journey so far here at Saint Rose! So we left off at Reach Out Saint Rose, which was literally the second week into this semester. Considering it is now past the mid-point a lot more has gone…