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Be a Knight for a Day!

Be a Knight for a Day!

I remember looking at colleges back in high school.  It was a pretty scary experience.  Having to find the one place I would be paying to go to for next four years is a tough choice to make!  I was lucky enough to find my dream school on my first tour here at The College of Saint Rose!  I had the chance to visit campus and get a real feel for the classrooms and student life in general.  Now there’s an even better way to grasp college life: the Be a Knight for a Day program!

Be a Knight for a Day is the admissions office’s way of letting prospective students know what life will be like at Saint Rose.  Real college students in your desired major sign up to be your guide through their class schedule.  You sit in on courses all day and get to see every facet of the campus; plus you get to meet several upperclassmen and get all sorts of information you wouldn’t through a tour, like what times are the best to visit the dining hall or what professors to take certain classes with.

One of the biggest perks to being a Knight for a day is getting away from family!  Of course I’m just kidding, but that little taste of semi-independence is another small glimpse into college life.  In college, you’re free to make your own choices for the first time in your life!  While this fact is very exciting and you will get to see some of it on your daytime visit, it’s not all fun and games.  Once you’re here as an actual student you are responsible for yourself.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, or whoever else won’t be there to get on your back about finishing that paper that’s due tomorrow, or to read the chapters in your textbook that Dr. Smith assigned.  It’s all on you.  You’re at college to work for your future.  That is the reality the Be a Knight for a Day program can help you prepare for by giving you the whole day to follow the life of a student.

I hope that anyone with any interest in The College of Saint Rose will strongly consider participating in this program!  There’s so much you can see and learn about college before even going, so take the chance and prepare yourself for the next big step in your life!

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