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Be The Best Version of You

Interviews…the dreaded topic among professionals. You can be the most social person in your city and still be nervous about interviewing…it is natural to feel this way. Personally, I am very outgoing and never have a problem speaking to people, but interviews are a different story. I have listed seven tips on how to better your interview skills and I hope they will help fight some anxieties you may have over it.

  1. Research the employer/ company
  • Interviews are intimidating enough without going into one and being unprepared. An employer wants to see why you are the best fit and if you know nothing about their company, you will have a poor interview. Doing a little research on the company and even the employer who may be interviewing you would be a positive resource during any interview.

  1. Review standard interview questions
  • “Three strengths and weakness?” One of many typical questions used during an interview. Though interviews will differ depending on your career choice, the typical questions used can be easily found online. Once finding the questions, practice with a friend or family member to make sure you won’t be stumbling over your words with the actual employer. The Career Center offers many interview question samples in it’s handbook and in it’s Resource Room located on the 3rd Floor of St. Joe’s. The Career Center Handbook can be downloaded from this website – on the right hand side it will say ‘Career Center handbook’.

  1. Dress appropriately
  • I know we all enjoy our leggings and our basketball shorts, but it would be unlikely that those would be appropriate for an interview. Dress for the position you intend on receiving. Most businesses will prefer you wear a suit for the interview even if it will not be what you wear if employed.

  1. Be yourself
  • Do not fake your personality in order to believe you’re appearing more desirable to the employer. The employer will see through the phony act and likely cut the interview shorter than intended. It is important to let your own personality, quirks and all, shine through to the company…maybe just keep your ‘Grumpy Cat’ memorabilia at home.

  1. Avoid awkward habits
  • It can be difficult to avoid awkward, nervous habits that will occur during an interview; this is why it is wise to practice your interview first. The Career Center offers mock interviews, which can be video-taped in order to view these ‘habits’. It is easier to correct something once you’ve seen how it looks to others. It would not be beneficial for anyone that you’re twirling your hair or biting your fingernails while talking to any employer.

  1. Sell yourself
  • Going for an interview means you are about to sell yourself; you are about to become a part of a company and the employer needs to know why. Do you fit the standard for the business you’re applying? Let them know. Do not sell yourself short because this may be your one shot.

  1. Thank you
  • Always send a thank you note to the professional(s) who interviewed you. Personally, I believe a hand-written note is preferred, but it is up to your discretion. If choosing to hand-write using personal note-cards make sure they are professional in appearance. Finding Nemo is a cute movie, but not appropriate for thank you note cards.


-Courtney Pray

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