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Being a Vegetarian on Campus- Its Ups and Downs!

Alright, so… when I was looking at Saint Rose, one thing they told me was that there were plenty of vegetarian options. I have been a “Pescetarian” for a little over 6 years, so besides the fact that I’m Italian and food solves everything, the meals served on campus were one of the most important things I looked for (besides a good education, of course).

I’m not going to lie and say that it was easy being a pescetarian on campus (A pescetarian eats fish). It was, and sometimes still is, hard. They hardly ever served fish and my main meals were salad, pizza, and Chinese food. But that was last year, and I have to say, the staff at the dining hall has done so much to improve eating for vegetarians, and from what I understand, everyone in general.

When I walked into the dining hall at the beginning of the semester, I expected to see the same old ice cream station at the specialties line, and the same chicken-every-way meals at the “home station.” The same old “Oh, we ran out of veggie burgers” or my personal favorite, “my boss said I couldn’t make it without meat.

I was so wrong! I found vegan meatloaf, rice, mushrooms(!), actual green salad, two options at the specialties line (one for veg-heads like myself and one for normal people :P), more fish options, vegan Chicken Marsala (which they should bring back. It was SO good), pizza with not just meat on it, pasta always in the corner between the sandwich and pizza stations, and various other changes that I am more than pleased with.

Sure, sometimes my main meal is still a salad, but it’s very rare that I’m disappointed in the dining hall.
Some of my favorite things to eat, which I would love to share with you fellow veg-heads, are easy, and I honestly wish I thought of them sooner.

-wheat bread with cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and swiss cheese, with a side of honey mustard dressing (and a pickle if I’m going to Camelot! Always gotta have the pickle.)
-Tuna on wheat bread with tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and cheddar cheese, toasted.
-Their pesto pasta is always delicious! As mentioned before, their vegan Chicken Marsala was yummy!
-TACOS! Last year they never had vegan meat, but this year… What was next to the chopped meat on Monday? That’s right. Vegan taco meat! At home, I love to make tofu tacos.
-The classic peanut butter and jelly. Add some bananas and honey if you want a more filling meal. I sometimes indulge in this for lunch.

I hope all you veg-heads out there try some of these. They are by no means epic meals, but I didn’t even think of getting a sandwich with just vegetables until a few weeks ago when my friend got one and inspired me to do the same.
What are some of your vegetarian or vegan friendly eats that the dining hall serves, or that you just love to make on your own? 😀
I would love to hear them!

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