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Break Out Your Shell

Yes, college is where you gain knowledge and receive and your academic degree, but it is also where you find yourself.   Here is where you tap into skills you never thought you had. This is the time to explore and  step out of

My first pose of the night! (photo credit: Kayla Germain)

your comfort zone. This semester in particular I have definitely moved out of my protective bubble.  I am currently in an improvisational acting class that takes place Mondays and Wednesdays in the campus theatre. In the class, we perform mini skits and play theatre games that test my ability to think quick on my feet. Every class we must all get on the stage and participate. It is a totally different atmosphere than my other classes. If this was a year ago, I doubt I would ever imagine that I would be taking an acting class. No, I am not trying to be the next Gabrielle Union or Halle Berry, but I  thought it would be a good experience. It helps me be more relaxed in front of a crowd. At first, it was difficult for me to let loose because I was too afraid of making a fool of myself.  But I soon realized everyone else was just as silly and vulnerable as me.  I definitely look forward to my acting class every week.

Another way I decided to step out of my comfort zone was with Spectrum’s Serenity in the Serengeti fashion show. I can not count on my fingers how many times I wanted to quit the show. I made every excuse in the world why I should not be apart of the performance. I felt very insecure because I never actually walked in heels before. I was unsure if I could be serious…let alone fierce.  I complained to my mother and my boyfriend “Everyone else is better than me.”

It may sound cliché  but practice does make perfect.  Fashion show practice started January 15 and was held  every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11pm. Within that short period of time I mastered poses, how to walk in heels, how to be fierce, and more importantly how to be confident.

Make-up artist Ashlie Garcia beautifying me for the fashio show. My hair was done by Natish S. Davis. (photo credit: Tricia Bustamente)

I am extremely grateful that my mother and boyfriend encourage me not to quit. The adrenaline I had when strutting across the runway cannot be explained.  I saw my friends in the crowd smiling and calling my name.  It felt amazing to be apart of something so big. Many people came up to me after the show and even days later telling me how fantastic the show was.  I can honestly say that this experience was inspiring and unforgettable.  I definitely know that I will be participating in the fashion show next year.

Moral of the story, don’t stay in your comfort zone it’s too boring. Be spontaneous!


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