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Moving On- It Happens

Unlike in high school a lot of the friends I made in college are not in the same year as I am. I have met them through people, in clubs, and from the different jobs that I have around campus. Also unlike in high school my friends are who I spend 90% of my free time as opposed to my family. This is because instead of going home to my parents when classes are over for the day I go “home” to my friends that live on campus with me. They are the ones that I eat nearly every meal with, the ones that I talk to when I am having a bad day, and the ones that I laugh with about the most ridiculous things. Sadly though, they are also the ones that are graduating in less than a month.

Allie, Hazell, and myself at this year's Rose Rock

Allie, Hazell, and myself at this year’s Rose Rock

Last year was not a big deal when people graduated because although some of my friend did graduate my friend group stayed intact. This year however a large portion of my friends are starting the next chapters of their lives and in most cases these chapters are going to take place far away from Albany. It is weird to think that they wont be here and  even weirder to think that they are either going to graduate school or entering the work force. Like most people in my position of trying to let go- I try my hardest to not be selfish when my friends talk about their goals after graduation but mostly I just want to beg them to stay.

Since graduation happened all at once for my friends and I while we were in high school there was also this sense that we were starting the next phase of life together. Again, in college this is not the case. People graduate at different times and if you are the young one in your friend group like me they graduate without you.  What I am realizing though is that as much as we do not want it to happen people and friends must leave.

As sad as I am that my friends are leaving I know it is what they have to do. In order to achieve their goals and further their careers they have to leave the familiar places and go to where they essentially belong.


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