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Call Me Carmen.

Hello St. Rose blog!! I must say that I’ve missed using the blog as my own little journal of the exciting things that happen to me while at Saint Rose.  With this being said I thought I could just do a middle of summer check in as my return to campus draws near (AUGUST 12TH).

The biggest thing to have occurred since leaving New York in early May was going to Europe- hence the title of this blog, a throw back to one of my favorite shows as a kid “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?”. This was my third time to travel across the atlantic in the past three years and I must admit that I am lucky to have a family that loves to travel and attempts to take in the world when ever we get the chance. In 2010 I went to Ireland, 2011 to England (where I am going to either end up studying abroad or going to grad school), and this year I found myself in Spain, Italy, and France. This vacation was definitely one to be remembered as we were only away from America for a week and took in all the major attractions in Italy and France (we only flew into Spain) that we could.

My Dad and I Eating Gelato in Italy

My favorite part about Italy was going to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Although I loved going to other iconic places like the colosseum and the Trevi Fountain while in Italy nothing really compared to looking up at the tower in the pouring rain. Yup, I just picked my favorite thing based on what others would view as bad weather. I however viewed the thunderstorm that ruined my Sperry boat shoes as something that set my visit apart from everyone elses. Unlike the huddled masses of tourists hiding under vendor tents I embraced the weather and made the best of it.

Lovin’ Life

My favorite part about the trip when it came to France was a little more low-key as it was going to see a very cool flower market and also buying this very cool vintage “BYRRH” poster from 1939. The flower market was memorable to me because I love flowers and work as a florist from time to time. I loved seeing the bright colors mixed into an old school open market that had been around for hundreds of years. The same can be said for the poster as I found it in another market area on the streets of France. You may wonder why these were  my favorite things as France has so much to offer and it’s simply because I like exploring and seeing less tourist sites and more of what the people of a country do from day-to-day.

Flower Market

As fall 2012 approaches embrace every moment of whats left with time with friends and family. If a thunderstorm just happens to threaten life long memories make the best of it, after all it might make a good story. See you in just over a month St. Rose, I look forward to it.

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