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Can We Talk About Malaria for a Second?

The College of Saint Rose held its third Red Cross blood drive of the year and sadly I was denied to give my blood- yet again. As  a member of the Student Association on campus I signed up to sign people in and out of the drive.  As I greeted each person with a smile and bottle of water as they passed in the doors to do some good I got a little sad but still remained proud of my peers. I was proud for the obvious reasons but I was sad for the fact that I will remain a malaria risk until April 17th of this year.

MALARIA?! Yes. That happened.

I went to Honduras just under a year ago and have been black listed for a full 365 days. Straight up black listed. As I can not donate just yet, I want to say thank you to every one that did donate. The blood as always is really needed and as I am sure you know, it saves lives so, thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!

If you have not donated before think about it. It takes under an hour and leaves you feeling productive, important, and even mildly heroic. Although this was in fact the last blood drive for St. Rose this year you can start to pump yourself up to donate on campus next fall.  Just think about it!!

Also: avoid the risk of being a malaria carrier- but really.

This is what I was doing when I got black listed from giving blood.

What do you think?

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