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A group of four diverse women lying on a bed together. They are all laughing.

How to get ready to live with a roommate

Are you a first-year student coming to Saint Rose who’s worried about living with someone new? Maybe you’ve never shared a room with someone other than a sibling or friend at a sleepover before, or maybe you’re just nervous about starting the next big chapter in your life. Although this new experience can be scary, you don’t need to worry.…

A woman in a yellow hooded sweatshirt sits at a messy desk. She has her head in her hands and looks stressed out.

Three ways to avoid procrastinating as a college student

Sometimes, being in college can feel like a full time job full of stress and anxiety. There are important deadlines, difficult assignments, and sometimes there are subjects that do not particularly interest you. You might put off starting your homework because of many things: you could be burned out, have a heavy course load, a job, or other tasks that…

A top view of a modern yellow desktop with a keyboard, notepad, pen, plant, glasses, and a cup of coffee on top.

Five tips for staying organized in college

Do you usually procrastinate your assignments until the last minute?  Do you have trouble keeping your assignments organized?  Saint Rose is here to help! As we finish the first month of the spring semester, you may notice an increase in your workload. Now that syllabus week is over, it’s time to start preparing for the rest of the semester.  Well,…

Student with backpack

Resources for mental health in the schools

  Dr. Steve Hoff, licensed therapist and associate professor of school psychology at The College of Saint Rose, presented the first in a series of free professional development webinars for educators on February 7, 2023, called “Surviving the Mental Health Crisis: A Toolkit for Teachers.” Hoff is a licensed psychologist in New York and Massachusetts, and a licensed school psychologist…

Sharon Edwards-Grant

Meet the new director of career services: Sharon Edwards-Grant G’21

  When she enrolled in a Saint Rose graduate program, Sharon Edwards-Grant wasn’t just aware of the value of combining academics and work. She had lived it. Edwards-Grant had visited colleges and universities nationwide to recruit students for highly-specialized positions – while earning her undergraduate degree at Northeastern University. She pursued her Saint Rose master’s degree in higher education leadership…