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Joe Westlin

How Hard Should Your Video Games Be? Business Professor Asks in Published Research

  Featured Faculty: Joseph Westlin, assistant professor of management, Huether School of Business Saint Rose professors teach their students without relying on teaching assistants. They lead small classes and make themselves available to support their students individually. Many of our faculty members across the disciplines also actively pursue their own scholarly work. Students benefit by attending professional conferences alongside their…

lookalike of The Child's Bath by Mary Cassatt

Art History Students Take ‘Getty Challenge’ and Recreate Famous Works of Art at Home

Students in Professor Theresa Flanigan’s Introduction to Art History and Visual Literacy and Architecture of the American City courses took the Getty Museum Challenge to recreate works of art or architecture that they had studied in class using objects found in their quarantine environments. Students further demonstrated their knowledge of the elements of art and art history by describing how…

person appearing to hold up giant bolder

Struggling with Those COVID-19 Feelings? Some Ways to Cope

COVID-19 has changed our world in so many ways that it can be difficult to remember what things were like “before.” We reached out to Dr. Claudia Lingertat-Putnam, chair of Saint Rose’s counseling department and an experienced clinician, to talk about what’s normal, what’s changed, and what we can do to make ourselves feel better during this time. Why am…

Fantasy Theme Captivates Pine Hills Review Team

Unlike much of what has happened at Saint Rose and the rest of the world lately, Associate Professor Daniel Nester actually planned to teach his English 254 class remotely. Devoted to online journal editing and publishing, the brand-new class is project-based, meaning students would be meeting a series of deadlines for their editing and publishing projects. Their goal: produce a…

Expert Advice for Teens, College Students About Managing Mental Health Through COVID-19

In a matter of days, young people have been thrust into an entirely new reality. High school and college students abruptly find themselves at home, with parents who are working remotely, or who have been laid off. No one knows what’s next. To help Saint Rose students and families define the scope of the crisis and identify strategies to manage,…