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cat ignoring a book

Study Tips for Grad Students

Working, taking care of family members, going to school: Any or all of the above can be mentally, physically, or emotionally draining. Even the most disciplined of us will have days where all we want to do is flop on the couch, reach for the remote, and…. When that happens, how do you get through those 50 pages of reading,…

Sarah Uzzi G'21

Graduate School: Finding a Master’s Degree Program, Part 1

  By Sarah Uzzi G’21 Making the decision to go to graduate school is exciting. It can also be overwhelming and nerve-racking. Saint Rose graduate student Sarah Uzzi shares tips and insights from her personal experience. When I started my undergraduate career, I never expected I would want to earn any degree beyond a bachelors. But the second I declared…

How Do I Tell My Friends and Family I’m Too Busy with Grad School to Hang Out?

  By Amelia Koethen G’19 When I first applied to graduate school, I had a lot of concerns about managing my time. Would I be able to make time for myself, keep my full-time job, and have time to give my studies the full attention they required? I was concerned about forgetting or neglecting work tasks or school assignments and…


Bringing Civility Back to the Workplace

by Sally Hart, SHRM-SCP, SPHR I recently spent some time boating on Lake George, an activity that includes sunny skies, cooling dips in the lake, and the enjoyment of summertime adventures in upstate New York. My time was unfortunately marred by rude behavior from others, such as other boaters pushing ahead in line, or creating their own boating lanes and…

Graduate students study together

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Grad School, Part 2

We continue our discussion with two graduate students, who share their thoughts and advice for successfully navigating graduate school: Amy Carman G’19, who is earning her M.S. in Social Work, has nearly 20 years of experience in construction management, and has an adult daughter Catherine Rodriguez G’17, who majored in computer art as an undergrad, recently completed her M.S. in…