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Classes Can Be Fun….Right?

Throughout the past three years here at Saint Rose, I have had the opportunity to take a few really cool classes! Classes don’t always have to have the stereotype of being boring and just another load of work to add to your plate! High school classes can be fun, but college classes bring a whole new array of amazing opportunities! You’ve heard of the colleges that offer classes on things like “Breaking Bad” or “Harry Potter” but what sort of cool classes have I taken at Saint Rose?

1. Topics Classes – COM Majors

Because I’m a Communications major, a lot of my classes are cool! This “Topics” class is one that changes every semester. This past semester I took it and it was called “Multimedia Storytelling”. As I discussed in my last post, we did a really cool collaborative project with some Art students here! Next semester, it is being called Venue Management and Promotions. Because I’d love to go into event planning or PR, I think that this class is going to be awesome! If you are a COM major, definitely keep your eyes peeled to see what this course will be offered as next!

One of the projects we worked on in the Multimedia Storytelling class!

One of the projects we worked on in the Multimedia Storytelling class!

2. Sailing- PE

I took sailing for one of my gym credits because I used to sail in high school! This class was really fun because those who are in the class get to learn the basics of being out in the water and some sailing terms (i.e., starboard, port, boat components, etc.). The best part, however, was the end of the semester field trip that we took to Lake George to go sailing! We took out a boat with 4 people in it at a time and had the opportunity to test out our skills and knowledge and apply it to real situations! Definitely a great class to enroll in.

3. Gender & Communications- COM majors, however there are variations for other majors

In this class, we learned about diversity amongst genders and sexes and different cultural influences. This class was really insightful and taught me a lot about people who may have different views or come from different ways of life than I do. We read a few interesting books, and watched a bunch of really intriguing movies. Sometimes it’s really cool to be exposed to something new and different. If that’s what you’re looking for than this is the class for you!

4. Greek! – Any major!

I took this class my freshman year of college. Now let me tell everyone that I am TERRIBLE at foreign languages. I’ve tried tutoring, extra help, different programs- it doesn’t work for me. So when I tell you that this class is completely approachable and easy to understand- believe me. I knew nothing about Greek walking into this class and what I liked best was that it was more about the culture than the language. We learned how to have basic dialogue, but also got to see Greek dancing, listen to Greek music, and eat some Greek food! Definitely a fantastic class

5. Excursions in Modern Math- Any major!

When it comes to math, I’m just as good with it as I am with language. I am the WORST. This class was totally fun! We learned a lot about probability and often did fun projects with casino games to help us learn which was really cool! There were no crazy formulas to learn, and I actually learned a lot of new concepts from it! If you’re one of those people who always says, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” when it comes to math- this is the class for you.

In reality, all of the classes here are really awesome. Depending on your major, there will always be something to make your experience here a little more enjoyable. For those of you who have already completed classes or even Alumni, what were some of your favorite classes here at Saint Rose?

What do you think?

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