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The setting of Fall CLASSIC, the beautiful shores of Lake George

The setting of Fall CLASSIC, the beautiful shores of Lake George

Every year a group of faculty, staff, and students makes the 90 minute ride up to the Silver Bay YMCA Family and Conference Center on Lake George. Those who sign up for the weekend trip sign up for a weekend of leadership workshops, adventuring, and a chance to meet new members of the Saint Rose community.

This was my second year attending the annual event as a Director of Communications for The College of Saint Rose Student Association, and this year was memorable for many reasons. This year in addition to attending the various sessions I was also a presenter and loved being able to share my thoughts with new students and familiar faces alike. My presentation was on social media and what should and should not be posted by the leaders on our campus (or, really, leaders anywhere).

Aside from presenting and helping facilitate the weekend I was able to experience the rest of Fall CLASSIC much like the rest of the people that attended the completely booked weekend. This included singing karaoke with friends, going kayaking on the crystal clear waters of Lake George, and practicing archery during free time. Another highlight of the weekend was when during one of the bonfires we had at night the SA Director of Social Activities, the one and only Patrick Burke, decided to have a sing along. He dusted off some classic songs and some not so known ones as he bounded across the fire. Despite not knowing the words to the eclectic song choices being around everyone singing and laughing was a great experience. This is because not only were the students out by the fire trying to follow Patrick’s strange songs but so were high up members of the faculty and staff of our college.

The fact that students, myself included, were singing a song around a fire with our Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, and our Vice President for Public Relations and Strategic Communications in my opinion speaks volumes to the community that we are a part of. I almost feel like a broken record when I keep using the word community when describing Saint Rose, but when your college community feels so small despite the fact that there are thousands of people included in it, it is hard not to.

Again, Fall CLASSIC has welcomed a new group of students and offered a chance for relaxation on the scenic shores of Lake George. As a senior it was touching to see this new group of students come out of their shells, experience Saint Rose in a new light, and see how they can make an impact on our college. Also, please excuse me while I have another “senior moment” and express how sad I am that this is another Saint Rose tradition that I have likely experienced for the last time. Although I may have been jealous of the freshmen who were just starting their college career I found solace in the fact that they seemed eager to get involved, make an impact, and carry on the Saint Rose legacy.


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  1. Alicia Audino
    September 29, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    Fall CLASSIC is by far one of my favorite Saint Rose traditions! So glad you had a great weekend – it was probably the best weather we’ve ever had for CLASSIC.

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