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Club Focus: Q&A with Saint Rose’s American Choral Directors Association

The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) Saint Rose chapter enriches the community through vocal music, performance opportunities, community service, and professional development. The purpose of the chapter is to provide a musical outlet for students on campus, regardless of major. ACDA President Juliana Rivelli ’21, a music education major, spoke to us about ACDA, upcoming events, and how students can join!

Q&A with the Saint Rose president of the American Choral Directors Association

Q: As president, what is your specific role?

A: My official role stated in our constitution is, “ To preside at the meetings; to appoint committees of the chapter (unless otherwise provided for in the By-Laws); to represent this organization when necessary, and to administer the policies as laid down in this Constitution and its By-Laws. The President is also responsible for keeping a line of contact with the SA Director and is responsible for submitting the Annual Chapter Report.” How I think my role fits into the club is to be a positive, creative, and innovative leader of choral music in the community and on campus. 

Q: What have you learned by joining the ACDA chapter at Saint Rose?

A: I joined ACDA as a first-year student in the fall of 2017 as a general member, the fall of 2018 as the treasurer, and this year as the president. I am grateful for the friendships and professional connections I made as well as the process of putting together a show and creating fundraisers. ACDA is an amazing club for those interested in vocal music, who want to become strong leaders in the music community, and individuals who are interested in learning how to plan a musical event.

Q: Why is it important that the campus community participates in ACDA?

A: ACDA provides many musical performances, in addition to opportunities to learn about music for free. It is important to remember that although it may seem like just a music education club, it is beyond that and provides students the chance to be entertained by musicians on campus, as well as learning opportunities to understand music on another level.


Q: What is in store this year for events? (events, activities, causes, etc.)

A: ACDA collaborates with other music clubs (Such as Girls Next Door for Pops and Broadway Cabaret) to create fun events, as well as developing fundraising opportunities for our club and national organizations.

Once each semester, ACDA holds a Musical Cabaret to fundraise for our organization, and in the spring semester, a fundraiser for an outside organization. The Cabaret is run completely by members of ACDA. This fall, we hosted our Pops and Broadway Cabaret in Massry. The Musical Cabaret consists of any musical group who wishes to perform, as we give equal opportunities to any musician on campus. In the spring, we have another Cabaret which is yet to be named. We also hope to continue a new tradition of hosting a Masterclass every semester. This fall, we are hosting a Barbershop Masterclass with Dr. Kari Francis on November 22 at 3 p.m. in the Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary. It is highly encouraged for anyone on campus to come out and to learn more about barbershop music!

For this year, ACDA will continue to create leadership opportunities, while planning for the Musical Cabaret, sparking fundraising ideas, and working toward our dream goal of attending the March 2020 ACDA Conference in Rochester, New York, as well as the national conference in the fall of 2020.


Q: What do you want people to know about your organization that they might not know?

A: This club is not just for music education majors! We are open to any and all majors and would love to have you join our club! We are always excited to have new members join — it’s never too late! The club has some requirements, but it is stress-free, and we would be honored to have you join our club!

Q: How can Saint Rose students get involved?

A: We have our general meetings on Monday in Massry 206 at 6 p.m. If you’re interested in coming, feel free to stop by! And if you have any questions, email Juliana Rivelli at

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