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College Visits Do’s and Don’ts

Students walking outside at College of Saint Rose campus during fall

Don’t Apply Without Visiting Campus

Deciding where to spend the next four years of your life is a big decision and one you shouldn’t make blindly. Just like that gorgeous Airbnb vacation rental with a leaky roof, photos don’t always show the whole picture. You want to make sure the school you choose is the right fit, and the best way to do that is by seeing campus IRL. 

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait until you’ve been accepted to visit. It’s so easy to run out of time as Senior year progresses. First, it’s the holidays, then finals, then Prom and graduation. Before you know it, it’s move-in day and you have no idea where your dorm is, how to find your classes or where to grab a slice of pizza. You’ll be completely overwhelmed and frazzled, not to mention hangry. 



Do Visit Early 

Schedule your first visit during Junior year. Join a student-led tour that includes academic buildings, housing, dining halls, lounges, the library, and the gym. Are the dorms close to food? Are class sizes large or small? What does everyone do on weekends? Are there internship opportunities? Ask questions! Upperclassmen are there to help you make the best decision. 

Do Visit More Than Once

There’s more than just a campus tour. Come back for an info session, workshop, or open house. Ask to see a class in session. You’ll learn more about campus life and meet professors in the academic departments that interest you. Think about visiting during different seasons, especially if you’re considering schools in the Northeast or Midwest. 

At Saint Rose, we encourage students to visit and more than once. What better way to get to know our College than at our upcoming October Open House or one of our other visit opportunities?

Do Check Out the Local Community

College is more than just the campus. Take some time to explore what’s nearby. Many students end up living and/or working off-campus. Some students want a rural experience, while others crave the excitement of a big city. Use your visit to decide which college experience is right for you. 

Do Document Your Visits

Take pictures and lots of them. It’s a great way to keep track of everything and compare colleges. It may even help with your application, especially if you post to social media. You know admissions counselors are looking at your profiles, why not show them how much fun you had during your visit? It’s also a chance to connect online with other prospective students. 

Saint Rose is a great campus to visit in the fall — perfect for Insta-worthy photos and way better than visiting in the dead of winter. 

Ready to schedule a visit at Saint Rose? Click here!

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