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Courtney’s College Curtain Call: The Breakdown

Well, it is finally time to acknowledge that in just 81 days my time at Saint Rose is over. Because of this and the fact that I love alliteration I have decided to partake in one last big adventure. This adventure comes in the form of “Courtney’s College Curtain Call.” Over the next three months I will set out to accomplish things that I have yet to experience but want to before graduation. Some of these things are more elaborate than others but each offers a different side of not only Saint Rose but Albany as a whole.

It was hard to pick just ten things to try and cross off my list but here they are:


Freshman year with Maggie!

Freshman year with Maggie!

1.       Bike ride with security– Something about riding with security on a bike patrol just sounds cool. I wonder if they will make me wear a helmet or go a certain speed….

2.       Ride in a Saint Rose golf cart- If you go to Saint Rose you definitely have some strong feelings about the carts that drive around on the sidewalk. Riding in one I can only hope would leave me with a more favorable opinion of them.

3.       Have tea with the President- This just sounds classy! And, in my earlier years with the blog I interviewed our previous president about his favorite type of Jell-o, so this would bring things full circle.

4.       Go to the top of Corning Tower– I feel like this should have happened by now seeing as this is a top tourist attraction and I have lived in Albany for the past four years.

5.       Go to the New York State Museum- This is also a super popular tourist attraction and I hear there is a moose inside- into it.

6.   Ice Skate at the Empire State Plaza- I finally made it to the Plaza this summer (three years too late) and think it is wicked pretty. I am also super into ice skating so this is a win/win.

7.   Learn to parallel park- I panic, this is especially true when you place me behind the wheel and ask me to parallel park. I feel by 22 a normal adult (I guess that is me now) should be able to park a car on a city street.

8.   Have a picnic in Washington Park- Washington Park is one of my favorite places in Albany but I only get there once or twice a season. Because of this the idea of having a picturesque picnic with my friends sounds amazing and like something that should definitely happen.

Senior year with my SA board (at a 90s themed event)

Senior year with my SA board (at a 90s themed event)

9.   Sleep over in the library- How does this not sound awesome? The library has tons of things to explore and ordering pizza to the library like a boss is what dreams are made of.

10. Get a job*- Have I mentioned that I am a senior?  *If you are an employer I can most certainly send you my resume (this is only half a joke).

As graduation draws near I will take solace in these activities and enjoy every moment of the remaining journey.

What do you think?

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